Book Review: The Unofficial Guide to Paediatrics by Zeshan Qureshi

Hey guys, incredibly sorry that we have not been posting for a while, but we are back during this lull in studies and are ready to restart writing the articles that you all know and hopefully love.

This will be a book review for a textbook. I know that sounds ridiculously boring, but hear me out; if I pass paediatrics this year, I will dedicate it to this particular book. This fantastic, succinct, easy-to-read book that has helped me gain a competent understanding of the world of paediatrics and all of the wonders that it has to bring.

Written by a number of medical professionals, with forewords by Dr Simon Broughton PhD FRCPCH and Beryl Lin UNSW Medical Society President,  The Unofficial Guide to Paediatrics delves into the scary world of little humans, teaching us in an easy and understandable way what we should know about a large number of conditions and how we should approach paediatric problems. It covers everything on the extensive Monash MBBS matrix of conditions for fourth year, from adolescent health through paediatric surgery, and also provides amazing and useful clinical skills tips  to help you pass OSCEs with flying colours and become the best doctor you can be.

My personal favourite section is clinical cases, which range from easy to difficult and provide a challenging and fun way to test your newly found knowledge in real-life scenarios that we will be encountering on the wards. I won’t ruin the fun by posting question examples here, but if you are a long-time reader of this blog you will know the types of questions that get me excited! These questions and sections are accompanied by amazing pictures that really highlight the important aspects of the topic being discussed, and provide further understanding to what can be a tricky and confusing area of medicine for some.

I cannot stress enough how amazing this book is. The writers are registrars, fellows, and consultants mostly from the UK who have a wealth of knowledge in their specific areas of expertise, and all the information is reviewed by experts to make sure that nothing is missed and that all of the important information is there. If you like easy-to-read information in chunks that are digested easily then this is the book for you, and I highly recommend going out and getting yourself a copy.

Link is here, go and see what you think: And while you are there make sure to check out other titles in the series; I will definitely be getting the OBGYN book for my future rotations!



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  1. Sandra Hardy says:

    Love the passion in this article, you obviously enjoyed and got a lot out of your paediatric rotation!


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