Diagnose This #14

Hey guys, and welcome back to another fun-filled segment of medical learning and fun facts that we like to call “Diagnose This”! Let’s get right into it with last week’s case:

The drunk/high patient is an all-too common occurrence in Emergency Departments and can be dismissed and sent off on their merry way. Usually this is fine, but sometimes a crucial diagnosis may be missed. This patient has a subdural haematoma, and treatment should be immediate surgery (as this patient has neurological signs) with burr holes or with craniotomy/hemicraniectomy with duraplasty, paired with monitoring and prophylactic antiepileptics. Tests include a non-contrast CT, MRI of the brain, and an SXR (if fracture is likely), with the tell tale sign being “… a crescent-shaped homogeneously hyperdense extra-axial collection that spreads diffusely over the affected hemisphere” (Radiopaedia.org).


Hope that all went well for you! Now to the next case:


A patient presents to the GP with a mole on his shoulder. He has been a bricklayer on the Gold Coast for the past 35 years and rarely wears long sleeves. The mole is pictured below:img0005.jpg

This seems pretty easy, but I think everyone needs an off week (especially after the break!)

What series of questions would you ask to determine if this was cancerous or not? What is your main differential based on the appearance of the mole? Finally, what is the treatment for the condition?


Find out next week on Diagnose This!




Queensland has been named the Melanoma Capital of the World, so please remember to Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, and Slide when travelling to the Sunshine State!


Image credit: http://www.cancer.org.au/preventing-cancer/sun-protection/campaigns-and-events/slip-slop-slap-seek-slide.html





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