Diagnose This #1

Hey friends!

In conjunction with our regular posting of fantastic facts and amazing articles we will be including a section called “Diagnose This”, a section used to test your medical knowledge and help me feel a bit more useful with Dan’s incredible writing skills overshadowing my almost embarrassingly simple ramblings.

These will mostly be “spot diagnosis” questions, although once in awhile I will include longer, more difficult cases. This will hopefully occur when my experience in the hospitals allows me to do such cases, but in the meantime here is the first case;


A patient presents with intermittent nausea, abdominal distension, erectile dysfunction, and arthralgia of the small joints of both hands for 6 months. On inspection of the patient you notice this sign:



What is the sign shown in the picture, and what is the rare condition that causes this?


Find out next week to see the answer!


Photo Credit: Herbert L. Fred, MD, Hendrik A. van Dijkhttp://cnx.org/content/m15007/latest/



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