Twelve Facts for a Very, Medical Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Here at bloodbonesandbodies, we believe that the very best gift that anyone can receive on Christmas morning isn’t socks. It isn’t the latest piece of gadgetry that can do your taxes, watch Netflix, and massage your feet all at the same time. It isn’t even not waking up with a splitting hangover on Boxing Day morning. It’s this: the Twelve Facts for a Very, Medical Christmas, brought to you by our resident bloggers Chris and Dan. In this list, we have decided to alternate so Dan will be taking the odd numbers, and Chris will be tackling the even numbers. Be warned, however, that some of these facts are a bit strange, so reader discretion is advised. So, without further ado, let the Twelve Facts of Christmas, begin!

  1. In Early Modern Europe, women were believed to be the complete medical and physical opposite to man in some rather strange ways. Doctors believed that the vagina was simply an inside-out penis that had failed to form in the womb and that women were hysterical in nature because they did not have enough semen in their bodies, causing many doctors to apply semen as a means of curing ailments.
  2. The pterion is the area of your skull where your frontal, temporal, parietal, and sphenoid bones join together. It is so called because the Greek god Hermes was said to have wings attached to his head at that exact spot, with the Greek word ‘pteron’ meaning ‘wing’. 
  3. According to, Diphallia (or being born with two penises) occurs once in every 5.5 million live births. Put another way, that means there are approximately between 600-700 people on planet Earth with two penises.
  4. The kidneys can filter ALL of your blood up to 300 times every single day. That is roughly 5L of blood!
  5. n 1349, Scotland invaded England whlist the English defences were weakened. Only problem was that the defences were weakened by the Black Death that was sweeping through the country, causing the disease to be carried back up to Scotland by the retreating soldiers and for it to spread across their own country.
  6. A single human will shed approximately 18kg of skin in their lifetime. 18kg. Of skin. Think about that for a bit.
  7. There is an account within Samuel Pepys’ famous diary that describes Pepys reading through a somewhat pornographic book entitled L’escholle des filles, ‘for information’s sake’ after a night of heavy drinking. During the account, Pepys uses a coded sentence to describe how he had an erection for the entire time that he was reading it, and how he eventually burned the book so ‘that it might not be among my books to my shame’.
  8. A freshly circumcised foreskin can grow to the size of 3 basketball courts in just 21 days in laboratory conditions. This is used to treat mostly burns victims, but has also been used in various face creams.
  9. The first description of a fatal heart attack was in 1925. Before then, there was no previous medical knowledge of a heart attack whatsoever.
  10. The human vagina has a pH of roughly 3.8. That is around the same pH as beer. Think about this the next time you are enjoying that cold VB on a hot summer’s day.
  11. According to, each time a fertile man’s heart beats, he produces 1,500 new sperm.That’s kind of romantic if you think about it… hard… and ignore the sentence I just wrote entirely…
  12. More germs are transferred via shaking hands than kissing. It should be noted, however, that the authors of this blog do not recommend planting one on your boss first thing next morning.

So there you have it folks, twelve medical themed facts for each and every day of Christmas. Hopefully, by the end of January, you’ll have recovered from some of them… We hope to see you again next time for some more bloodbonesandbodies content!

That’s all for now,

Dan & Chris.


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